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Weight Capacity for Mobility Scooters

Weight Capacity for Mobility Scooters

After careful deliberation, you've decided that a motorized scooter is the most reasonable solution to your mobility challenges. With the right mobility scooter, you'll remain independent and able to get to all the places you want to go.

But, before you make this major investment, have you considered the importance of maximum weight capacity in your choice of motorized scooters?

Choosing Motorized Scooters By Weight Capacity

Safety, durability, rider body size, and intended use are all crucial elements in choosing a mobility scooter. And the scooter's maximum weight capacity factors in as well.

Lightweight, standard-sized scooters can typically support riders who weigh upwards from 250 to 350 pounds. However, larger users, with body weights in excess of 350 pounds or more, may require the added durability and support found in heavy-duty bariatric scooters.

As you evaluate mobility scooter options, consider the following questions:

  • What is your total weight? What is your height?
  • How heavy are the items you expect to carry on the scooter?
  • Which seating options do you prefer? (extra wide seat? Captain's Seat?)
  • Is the scooter for outdoor, rugged terrain, or for minimal use around home?

Different Mobility Scooters For Different Mobility Needs

a typical 4 wheel mobility scooterMany lightweight scooter models are portable, and benefit smaller users who prefer a compact, highly maneuverable personal mobility vehicle that not only disassembles easily for travel, but may also cost less than heavier, larger-sized power scooters.1

On the other hand, luxurious bariatric scooters provide rugged, four-wheel suspension for stable outdoor use.

Hoveround offers a range of mobility scooters designed to fit different preferences and budgets. Call us at 800-542-7236 or pick one out online to obtain the right personal mobility solution for your personal mobility needs.

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1Actual prices may vary based on product availability, size/model, configuration and/or additional options. Prices do not reflect applicable sales tax, service charges, shipping fees and are subject to change without notice. Cash pricing is not valid for insurance reimbursement.

July 14, 2020