9 Ways Water Helps Keep You Healthy

9 Ways Water Helps Keep You Healthy
Hoveround-Blog-September-3-Ways-water-helps-meme-(1).jpg Did you know that a glass of water can help your pain and ailments? If you're not feeling well, you'll be surprised at what can be helped with just a little H2 0.

Here are 9 Ways Water Helps Keep You Healthy:

1.Eases Joint Pain.
When things are hydrated, they become a bit softer and loosened up. That's why drinking enough water helps with joint pain – because the cartilage around your joints stays hydrated and essentially allows for more fluid movements.

2.Aids sore muscles.
Your muscles can get “thirsty,” leaving them dry and tight if that thirst is not quenched. Drinking water helps to keep muscles from hardening up and becoming sore after too much usage – or from being dehydrated.

3.Helps to lose weight.
Have a glass of water right before you eat and between meals and you'll eat less. You'll be full and have less room for the high-calorie foods after drinking plenty of your zero-calorie water.

4.Reduces bloat.
Substitute a glass of water for a glass of soda or other sugary, heavy beverages and you'll notice you won't have that big or airy feeling in your stomach afterwards.

5.Relieves headaches.
The next time you have a headache, think back to how much water you've had in the past 24 hours. Dehydration plays a major role as the creator of headaches. Instead of swallowing some headache relief pills, try a glass or two of water first and see if that helps.

6.Flushes out toxins.
When you drink water, your body takes it in, uses what it needs and gets rid of the rest. In turn, you'll be flushing toxins out of your body along with the water – which means less stuff sticking around to potentially make you sick.

7.Calms digestive issues.
Drink enough water to help with constipation, diarrhea, kidney stones and stomach upset. Why? Like the river flows, so does water through your body. Not enough water, not enough current to flush everything out easily. So, drink up.

8.Relieves fatigue.
You're tired, so you drink coffee. And then you drink some more. And maybe a soda or two. All this caffeine and you're still tired. Why? Maybe because you haven't had enough water! Your body is working hard all the time and needs a constant intake of water to keep all your systems running in tip-top shape! The less water, the harder your body has to work – which brings on that fatigue.

9.Aids ear, nose and throat issues
If you've had bouts of sinusitis and suffer from allergies, drinking water may help to flush those tiny invaders out of your system. In addition, the fluid provides moisture to the mucus membranes of your sinuses, keeping them properly lubricated and repelling irritants more easily.

Hoveround Keeps You Healthy
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September 6, 2016
Posted in: Senior Lifestyles
By The Hoveround Team
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