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Ways to Honor Veterans

Ways to Honor Veterans

There are several days during the year to honor and remember those who served this great country. And as July rolls forward with Independence Day, we at Hoveround urge you to celebrate with more than just a family barbecue and fireworks. Use this opportunity to honor a veteran and show you appreciate the independence we have because of their service.

Here are Some Ways to Honor Veterans

  1. Interact with a veteran
    • Say ”Thank You.“ Honoring a veteran can be as simple as acknowledging you appreciate their service. A sincere, heartfelt ”thank you“ can mean so much.
    • Visit a wounded veteran at the hospital. Being cooped up in a hospital isn't fun for anyone, so let a veteran know you care and offer support by stopping by to chat.
  2. Exercise your rights
    • Fly our flag. Nothing shows support for veterans and those who continue to fight for our independence than flying our flag.
    • Vote. It's a privilege to be able to use your voice to take a stand on what you believe in and what you want for your family. Use this hard-fought right each and every time you can!
    • Talk to your local, state and federal elected officials. Let them know you want them to continue working on making positive changes to help veterans, and let your legislators know what an important issue this is for you.
  3. Involve your family
    • Take part in local parades and events. These are great occasions to celebrate our freedom and show our past and present troops their service is remembered and appreciated.
    • Make a patriotic craft with the kids and grandkids. Use this opportunity to spend family time together making memories and crafts (including red, white and blue garlands, cakes, signs, etc.) that help remind everyone of the meaning of Independence Day.
    • Sing "The Star Spangled Banner" loud and proud. And teach it to all the kids and grandkids, telling them what it means and the history behind the song.
    • Send a letter (or care package) to a soldier serving overseas. For those soldiers fighting overseas, a letter from home and even small comforts of home can brighten their day. Find a reputable charity organization — like the USO — or community program to send something to a soldier.
  4. Help out veterans
    • Volunteer at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital.
    • Donate to an organization for veterans. Contributions help these organizations to continue to be able to provide support and services for veterans and their families.
    • Volunteer for various veterans programs. The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) provides free transportation to men and women unable to travel to VA medical facilities on their own.

Hoveround Supports our Troops

At Hoveround, we appreciate the selfless act of service our military personnel perform each and every day — and on Independence Day, we stand proud, thanking them for continuing to fight for our independence.

If you have any other great ways to honor veterans, we'd love to hear them!

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July 3, 2015