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Ways Hoveround Makes Caregiving Easier

Ways Hoveround Makes Caregiving Easier

Caregivers are faced with many jobs caring for loved ones. Hoveround helps those with mobility issues retain independence with more than just a power wheelchair, making several aspects of caregiving easier and safer for caregivers.

How Can a Power Chair Help With Caregiving?

  1. Depression — When a loved one has mobility issues, they may feel powerless and depressed that they cannot do the things they once loved to do. But when they have their independence back after learning to use a Hoveround Power Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter, their depression may be better able to be kept at bay. And when your loved one is happier, it helps you care for them with less struggle.
  2. Bathing — Helping a loved one get in and out of the tub and shower can wreak havoc on your back, and can cause even more strain if you are tasked with bathing your loved one as well. With the aid of several bathroom solutions from Hoveround, you can rest assured knowing that your loved one will be able to bathe and shower more safely on their own — and help prevent falls. The bath lift assists with seating while taking a bath; the tub rail provides support; the shower stool and bath bench helps prevent slips in the tub; and the no-drill grab bar provides support where your loved one needs it in the shower or bathroom.
  3. Using the Restroom — Lowering oneself onto a toilet can become difficult with diminished mobility, and can lead to feelings of helplessness and loss of dignity when your loved one has to depend on you for this most basic task. Keep your loved one's spirits up and ease the strain on your own back by having your loved one use Hoveround's free-standing toilet safety rail and raised toilet seat. These devices are a simple way to prevent falls in seniors.
  4. Getting Out of the Home — When your loved one has a loss of mobility, going down just a few stairs to get outside can be extremely difficult — particularly in treacherous weather — and even with your assistance, you could both potentially lose your balance and suffer an injury. That's why an outdoor stair lift is helpful for caregivers and those with mobility issues alike. Or, for those using a Hoveround Power Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter, a wheelchair ramp is a simple way to help maneuver into the home with a mobility device as well. In addition, Hoveround's vertical porch lift even helps those in a Hoveround Power Wheelchair to safely bring the mobility device up the stairs.
  5. Going Upstairs — For loved ones trying to remain aging in place in a home with more than one level, going up and down stairs can prove difficult for both of you — and can lead to falls. Using a stair lift for indoor stairs (and even outdoor entrance steps) aids in fall prevention and allows your loved one to move freely about their own home when aging in place. But what if your loved one needs their mobility vehicle on the other levels of their home? That's exactly what Hoveround's Sierra Platform Lift is designed for: Bringing the mobility vehicle up as well. Another helpful option would be to obtain a second power chair and install a stair lift in the home to provide easy access to other levels.
  6. Allowing for Independence — Sometimes it's the little things that can create frustration for a loved one who cannot do simple tasks without assistance — which in turn means you have to help. For example, a home bed assist rail allows your loved one the freedom to safely get in and out of bed with or without your help, while the collapsible grabber allows your loved one to use the device to grab items that are out of reach — saving you from having to stop what you're doing and go assist.

Hoveround Makes Caregiving Easier

At Hoveround, we're honored to be able to provide mobility for those who need it while helping to make caregiving easier as well. Hoveround's products are designed to prevent falls in seniors and support the hard work that caregivers provide for their loved ones. Request your free informational DVD or call us today at (800) 542-7236 to speak with one of our Mobility Specialists about how we can make caregiving easier for you!

June 14, 2016