Wayne King Enjoys Keeping up with his Grandkids Again!

Wayne King Enjoys Keeping up with his Grandkids Again!

Wayne King with his grandkidsAs a former professional pilot and racing boat driver, Wayne King has always been on the move. He and his wife, Linda, married for 47 years, have seven very active grandchildren. Annual vacations to Walt Disney World have always been a part of the many family activities they've enjoyed over the years.

But, when Wayne's plane malfunctioned and crashed in the spring of 2000, all that seemed to change. The devastating accident left him a paraplegic. Linda, knowing how much being active meant to Wayne, was very worried Wayne would go into a deep depression. I felt, that for him, not being able to be active would be a fate worse than death, she explained.

Wayne King with Tom KruseThen Christmas week of that same year, Hoveround's RTS delivered Wayne's Hoveround power chair. It's the best Christmas present I ever got!, Wayne exclaimed to Tom Kruse and the Hoveround America team. Now, instead of being parked in a corner of the house, Wayne is mobile and able to do for himself. You can get into small places in your house. You can get into the kitchen...if your wife lets you, Wayne says with a wink and a smile.

Wayne is most excited about being able to keep up with his grandkids again. You don't have to give up living because you lost your legs. Hoveround replaced the legs, Wayne explains. Wayne invited the Hoveround America gang to join him and his family at the Barnegat Lighthouse for a day of fun, sun, family and fishing.

Wayne King and family enjoying the waterEveryone had a great time and had a hard time keeping up with Wayne. As Wayne says There isn't anything I can't do now that I am sitting in a Hoveround. Give me a map, point me to a new adventure, and Hoveround will get me there! Wayne still takes his entire family to Walt Disney World every year. Watch Wayne King's story online now!

June 20, 2016