3 Useful Powerchair Accessories

3 Useful Powerchair Accessories

A cane holder, crutch holder, and a walker holder are three power chair accessories that can enhance the lives of power wheelchair users.

These holders are designed to play an important role in the mobility treatment of individuals who require supplemental equipment, in addition to a power wheelchair.

To help these individuals accomplish their mobility-related activities of daily living, a doctor might include a prescription for a walking aid -- such as a cane, a set of crutches, and/or a walker. A holder makes it possible to safely take the necessary equipment along while they ride their power chair.

Here's a closer, yet brief, look at these three very useful power chair accessories.

Hoveround Cane Holder for Power Chairs Crutches Holder fom Hoveround Walker Holder for Hoveround Power Chairs

Armrest-Mounted Cane Holder

Hoveround cane holders mount firmly onto either armrest, thus removing the inconvenience and potential hazard of carrying a cane while using the power mobility chair. This not only keeps the cane safely out of the way, but it also keeps the cane within reach, and secured to whichever side of the power wheelchair the user most prefers.

Crutch Holder Bag

A crutch holder is a heavy-duty bag that attaches easily to the back of a power wheelchair seat. Power chair users can then have convenient, all-day access to their additional mobility aid. Suitable for most under-the-arm crutches, this holder from Hoveround also provides safe storage for crutches when they are not in use.

Walker Holder

Power wheelchair walker holders are yet another type of useful holder for convenient transport and storage of supplemental mobility aids. Hoveround's holder for walkers fits onto the back of the power chair and, just like the other power chair accessories detailed here, comes complete with all of the hardware that's necessary for trouble-free installation.

Learn more about these convenient mobility equipment holders and how they can make life easier for just about anyone who uses a motorized wheelchair. Simply call 800-308-9295 to speak with a Mobility Specialist.

And, remember: When calling, be sure to ask about other, equally worthwhile Hoveround products for expanding personal mobility, convenience and safety.

1Only a qualified clinician can evaluate the need for mobility-related, home medical equipment. Depending on the determined level of medical necessity, a doctor's official diagnosis, and other mobility-related criteria, these items may, or may not, be covered by insurance and/or Medicare. Please consult a physician, physical therapist, insurance provider and/or Medicare.gov for details.

This article is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace, or substitute for,
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December 24, 2012
Posted in: Power Wheelchairs
By The Hoveround Team
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