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Troubleshooting Power Mobility Battery Chargers

Troubleshooting Power Mobility Battery Chargers
Replacing the battery charger might not always be the solution to a malfunctioning charger. Troubleshooting your battery charger could be a better answer to keeping your power chair or motorized scooter up and running.

Remember: Your battery charger's user manual contains detailed instructions, illustrations and valuable safety tips. So, before attempting any type of self-maintenance on your power operated vehicle, read and follow all instructions and warnings within the manual, as well as notices from the manufacturer that are indicated on the charging device itself.

If you have any questions about these troubleshooting steps or anything else related to your charger, please use the number for support and service included within the battery charger's product manual.

Symptom: Battery charger will not turn on when connected

  • Confirm the compatibility of your charger with your vehicle's battery.
  • Test the AC power outlet to confirm it is working.
  • Check for circuit breaker problems.
  • Check the power cord for poor connection to the battery.
  • Check the battery. It may already be fully charged.

Symptom: Charger LED lights do not light up / lights are flashing

  • Confirm the charger is plugged into the vehicle and into a power outlet.
  • Verify that the cord is in good condition (no frayed wiring, etc).
  • If lights are flashing, count the flashes. Refer to the user's manual.
  • If problems persist, a replacement charger might be needed.
While simple fixes are useful, some problems might not be easily solved by troubleshooting alone. Sometimes the assistance of a professional may be required.

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This article is for informational purposes only. The instructions and images on this page are general in nature and may not reflect actual items for sale through Hoveround, nor apply to every type of battery charger. Models differ by specifications, features, appearance, capabilities and functions. Please read and follow the instructions in the product manual for your safety and to avoid product damage.
December 1, 2013