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Top 10 Power Wheelchair Accessories - Part 1

July 19, 2011

Power chairs offer mobility-challenged loved ones the means to achieve greater independence. With the right power wheelchair accessory, that freedom can be extended in many different ways.

This is the first part of a two-part Top 10 List of optional wheelchair accessories. Because these electric wheelchair accessories can be purchased without a doctor's prescription, they are readily available to add everyday safety, riding comfort and practical convenience to a loved one's power mobility experience.

Power Chair Accessories for a Loved One (Part One)

  • Hoveround cup holderPower Wheelchair Beverage Holders: Caregivers who worry about their loved one remaining hydrated throughout the day can relieve some of their concerns with a power wheelchair cup holder. Beverage cup holders secure simply onto either armrest of the power chair to hold beverages firmly in place. With this accessory, that essential and refreshing drink will always remain close-at-hand.
  • Supplemental Mobility Aid Holders: Power wheelchair users who supplement their mobility with a cane, crutch or walker will benefit from this accessory. Each power chair equipment holder is uniquely designed to carry a specific type of aid and ensure all-day access. These holders can also double as safe storage when the mobility aid is not in use.
  • Portable Oxygen Tank Carriers:  An oxygen tank holder offers both security and  personal freedom to power chair users. Portable tank holders affix effortlessly onto the back of a power wheelchair to stay out of the way, yet constantly within reach. Carriers are available that will fit either portable round or square O2 containers of standard size.
  • Hoverounb backpackBackpacks and Wheelchair Side Tote Bags: These attachable, carry-all bags let power wheelchair users take their personal belongings along with them wherever they go. Convenient compartments, privacy pockets, Velcro and spring-loaded closures are just some of the useful features to look for in quality totes and power wheelchair bags.

To learn about the other five power chair accessories in this top ten list, continue on to Part Two.


This article is for informational and educational purposes only.

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