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The Power Wheelchair-Friendly Home

The Power Wheelchair-Friendly Home

From power wheelchair ramps and personal lifts to medical emergency response systems, caregivers have several safety products to choose from for creating a home environment that's power chair-friendly.

For decades, power wheelchairs have been transforming lives and making it possible for mobility-challenged adults to live independently. By adding power chair accessories and personal safety devices, caregivers can greatly enhance their loved one's renewed independence.

Things That Make a Wheelchair Friendly Home

  1. A typical wheelchair rampRamps — Wheelchair ramps are essential to power chair safety and increased accessibility in the home and while on-the-go. Whether it's threshold-installed, or portable and fold-able, quality wheelchair ramps are durable and constructed to support both power wheelchairs and scooters.
  2. Stair Lifts — Multi-level homes can be safer and easier to access with a stair chair lift. Stair lifts, such as the compact and reliable HoverGlide family of stair lifts, conveniently transport riders who have difficulty walking. Built-in safety features will especially appeal to power chair users, who are sure to also appreciate the simplicity, stability, and maximized seated comfort this stair lift provides.
  3. an example of a grab bar used in a bathroomHandrails and Grab Bars — Supportive grab bars and wall handrails (mounted in the bathroom, the bedroom, along hallways and stair landings), are among the top choices in fall prevention products. When properly placed throughout the home, grab bars and handrails can be easily accessed to maintain balance, avoid slips and falls and facilitate safe power wheelchair transfers.
  4. Medical Alerts & Personal Emergency Response Systems — Another highly recommended home safety product is the personal medical alert (also known as an emergency response system). Innovative emergency alerts have wearable pendants or bracelets for two-way communication and monitoring. With advanced GPS-enabled tracking technology, these systems deliver the ultimate in mobile security and peace of mind for both caregivers and independent power chair users.

The assistive products described here represent only a small sampling of the many options available to help create a home environment that is safe, adapted for accessibility and power wheelchair friendly. To learn more about ramps, wheelchair lifts and other products designed to increase safety and accessibility, please call 800-542-7236. Helpful and knowledgeable mobility specialists are waiting to assist.

This article is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

July 25, 2019