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The Importance of Power Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Training

The Importance of Power Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Training

Personalized power chair training is an essential part of renewed mobility. And although it takes patience and practice to master safe power wheelchair operation, your improved mobility, personal well-being and continued independence depend on it.

Motorized Scooters & Power Chairs - Why Training Matters

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When people who use power chairs and motorized scooters lack instruction and training, they lack valuable knowledge. As a result, these individuals may misuse the equipment, drive in an unsafe manner and possibly have an accident.

While no mishap is 100% preventable, in-home power wheelchair training on delivery day creates safer, more competent power chair drivers.

Power Wheelchair Training Benefits Everyone

Do you wonder about the importance of power chair instruction? Consider the following questions related to power chair use.

Navigating over different surface areas: Do you know how to safely navigate your power chair over various types of flooring, like wood, carpeting and tile? What should you do when you come to an entryway or raised threshold?

Maneuvering ramps and inclines: Can you recognize a wheelchair ramp that's too steep for your power chair or scooter to maneuver across? What are some basic techniques for using a wheelchair ramp safely?

Managing emergency situations: Would you know what to do if the power chair suddenly stops, or if the lights on the joystick controller begin flashing quickly?

When a skilled Mobility Service Technician provides one-on-one power wheelchair instruction in your home on the day your power chair is delivered, you receive the important knowledge you need to be better prepared for situations like those above, before they happen.

Learn more by contacting Hoveround at 800-542-7236. Get expert in-home training with delivery, and become a safer power wheelchair driver.1

1Hoveround White Glove Delivery includes delivery, set-up and in-home power wheelchair training by a Hoveround employee. This service is free with qualified insurance coverage. When paying by credit card, standard shipping is free and White Glove Delivery is available at an additional cost. Contact Hoveround at 800-308-9295 for details.

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June 4, 2013