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Scooter Covers Help Protect Your Mobility Scooter

Scooter Covers Help Protect Your Mobility Scooter

Protection for a power scooter may mean different things to different people. But, ultimately, every motorized scooter owner has an interest in protecting the investment made to maintain independent mobility.

For instance, if you generally park your scooter outdoors and are concerned about security, you might protect your mobility scooter by

  • never leaving the key in the scooter's ignition.
  • using an anti-theft lock and/or an alarm system.
  • purchasing insurance protection for your electric scooter.

You might also want to protect your scooter against damage due to rain, heat, dust or everyday use. One way to do this is with protective mobility scooter accessories, such as a weather-resistant scooter cover.

Mobility Scooter Covers: Weather & Dust Protection

A typical mobility scooter coverIn order to run smoothly and reliably, mobility scooters need to be kept free of excess dust and dirt. The scooter's electrical components must also stay dry as a defense against rust Full-size scooter coverand corrosion.

Routine cleaning will help. But, if your scooter is properly stored in a cool, dry place, dust may accumulate and cause unnecessary damage. If parked outdoors, it could get caught in the rain.

A durable, weather-resistant cover fitted for your specific model of power scooter will help protect it from bad weather and dust build-up. And, if ever left unattended, a cover may deter scooter theft by concealing its attractive, shiny appearance.1

Options in Electric Scooters & Mobility Accessories

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1 Depending on model and size, scooter cover might not fully extend down to the wheels.

September 11, 2013