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Power Wheelchair Safety Accessories

Power Wheelchair Safety Accessories

Safety is an important part of renewed mobility. Accessories that increase power chair safety may be included as standard equipment (seat belts, anti-tip wheels, breaking system), or available as add-on items (power chair flag, rear-view mirrors).1

Either way, any power wheelchair safety accessory that helps to prevent injury is a feature well worth having. Three of these safety items, suitable for Hoveround mobility vehicles, are detailed in this article.

Top Power Chair Safety Accessories

Power Wheelchair Seat Belts

The seat belt of a power wheelchair is absolutely necessary for proper and safe power wheelchair use. For maximum rider safety, the belt should be kept in good condition, and replaced with a new one when necessary. To protect the user of the power chair from slipping out and being injured, the safety belt must also be used each time the chair is operated, and used precisely as instructed.2

Wheelchair Flag

A brightly colored wheelchair safety flag3, one that attaches easily to a power chair or mobility scooter, can be an ideal accessory for users who travel to busy areas. Hoveround's wheelchair flag is six feet in height and helps to make riders more visible to others, whether they are going to the pharmacy, the local grocery, or to any other place their power chair may take them.

Anti-Tip Power Chair Wheels

Anti-tip safety wheels help to stop power mobility vehicles from toppling over by protecting the vehicle if it ever leans too far forward, or too far backward. This is an important safety feature that no power mobility user should be without. Hoveround installs safety wheels as standard equipment on every power chair and compact power scooter it sells. In this way, personal mobility is enhanced with added security.

Power chair seat belts, flags and anti-tipping wheels are only some of the safety features and options that compliment renewed mobility and bring greater peace of mind. Contact Hoveround at 1-800-542-7236 for additional information and to find out if a power chair or scooter can help you safely regain your independence abd personal mobility.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice.

1Consult with the mobility equipment supplier for details about available standard features and accessories.
2Refer to the product owner's manual for specific safety instructions.
3A flag does not guarantee safety and is only intended to increase visibility. Always use caution when operating your power wheelchair, and obey all traffic and pedestrian laws.

May 20, 2020