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Power Seat Lifts & Power Chairs: Perfect Together

Power Seat Lifts & Power Chairs: Perfect Together

A power seat lift (or, PSL), purchased along with a power chair for increased mobility, can create a more complete, and convenient mobility aid. Objects that were once inaccessible from a seated position become easier to reach.

A Power Seat Lift Brings More of Your Home Within Reach

The average person may think nothing of reaching over a counter to grab hold of what they need. But, for the person in a motorized wheelchair, it's just not that simple to access such items.

Without extended reach, it may sometimes be a struggle for a power chair user to:

  • Turn light switches on and off
  • Close an open window or pull down the shades
  • Stir a pot on the stove or wash dishes in the sink
  • Use a top-loading laundry machine
  • Reach items on cabinet shelves, on counter tops or in closets

The Power Wheelchair Seat Lift / Power Wheelchair Combination

It is important to note, however, that the power seat lift is not covered by Medicare or private insurance, and the power wheelchair and power seat lift must be ordered together, at the same time. Therefore, anyone with an interest in obtaining a seat lift system should discuss the option with their doctor and/or the mobility equipment supplier.1

Have additional questions about power wheelchairs? Call Hoveround at 1-800-542-7236. Our Mobility Specialists will be happy to assist and provide reliable information about renewing your mobility with a power wheelchair and our wide range of power chair accessories.

This article is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. All information is general in nature and may not necessarily apply to every one and to every situation.

1This accessory does not come standard with the power wheelchair. However, a power seat lift (PSL) must be ordered at the same time the power wheelchair is ordered. Available for MPV5 and FWD power wheelchair models only. Consult a Mobility Specialist for more details.

January 23, 2013