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Portable Oxygen Tank Holder Information

Portable Oxygen Tank Holder Information

For power wheelchair users who need oxygen therapy, the convenience of a portable O2 tank holder can maximize their renewed mobility while helping to maintain their health.

Oxygen therapy does not have to be a major obstacle to daily routines and social activities. By providing a secure and easily-accessible way to transport oxygen on a power chair, a portable oxygen tank holder lets the power chair user keep their oxygen with them where ever they go, all day long.

Portable Oxygen Options

Oxygen cylinders vary in style, size, model and delivery system in order to conform to an individual's clinical needs. Some containers may be so large and heavy that they have to be transported by a wheeled cart.

Others are lightweight enough to be carried in an over-the-shoulder bag, or small enough to fit inside a little fanny pack.

Still, some portable oxygen tanks are sized just right for transport by power chair and/or mobility scooter. Portable oxygen holders, or wheelchair oxygen tank holders, are perfect for this type of container.

Round and Square Portable Oxygen Holders

a typical oxygen tank holder for a power chairHoveround's portable wheelchair O2 carriers are available in two popular styles. Whether you need a round oxygen tank holder or a square-shaped holder, both share the following beneficial features:

  • simple-to-attach and simple-to-remove
  • all necessary installation hardware is included
  • constructed from durable, reinforced black canvas material
  • sized to accommodate most round or square portable tanks
  • adorned with the genuine Hoveround logo

With portable wheelchair oxygen tank holders, power chair users can enjoy the freedom they need to breathe easy, and still participate in many of the mobility-related activities that give quality to daily life.

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This article is for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for medical advice.

January 10, 2013