Paul and Cheryl's Hoverounds got them Down the Aisle

Paul and Cheryl's Hoverounds got them Down the Aisle

Paul and Cheryl describe how they met.Paul Galewski and Cheryl Struve had developed such a tight bond with Hoveround's RTS, Gregg Everts, that they invited him to their wedding. When they found out about the Hoveround America 2011 Tour, they immediately invited Tom Kruse and the Hoveround team to celebrate in their special day as well. Of course, we were honored and elated to be invited!

Paul, who has lived with an inoperable vascular condition in his brain since birth, is an incredibly positive person. Even while facing great health challenges, his positive, can-do attitude was so strong, he inspired his sister Judy to become an occupational therapist.

Cheryl had a heart attack in 2007. As a result, the doctors had to interrupt the blood flow to her extremities and she eventually loss both of her legs. Refusing to give up, Cheryl was determined not to let anything keep her from living a full and happy life.

You may now kiss the bride!As fate would have it, Paul was already living at the apartment complex that Cheryl was moving into. In fact, he happened to be holding the door open for Cheryl the day she moved in. Cheryl exclaimed Oh I just loved it! He would say he was the handsome doorman, and Paul added and batting eyes at her the whole time.

Then something magical happened and they fell in love. It's something I thought might never happen to me, said Paul. But its like we're one-in-the same. I can't wait! Cheryl chimed in me either!

When Paul and Cheryl finally met Tom Kruse and the team, they were quick to express the tremendous impact the Hoveround power chairs have had on the quality of their lives. It's life changing, said Paul. When Tom thanked them for inviting Hoveround to the wedding, Paul replied, It's our way of saying thanks for the chairs. Cheryl agreed and said to Tom, I'd like to shake your hand for inventing this. It saved my life.

Paul and Cheryl are always on-the-go in their Hoverounds. They love to go to the local farmer's market, concerts downtown, and visit with friends. Cheryl explained What I love most is I can just GO and I am not stopped.

Introducing the happy couple!The wedding day was everything the couple could have dreamed of: the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and love was in the air. Cheryl's mom, Hattie, said it the best. They're just having a wonderful life. It's fantastic!

Mr. & Mrs. Galewski got their fairy tale ending and we wish them continued love and happiness.

Hoveround was so incredibly honored to be invited to take part in such a wonderful day and so inspired to know we were even a very small part of helping them get down the aisle. You can watch Paul and Cheryl's story online now!

June 20, 2016
Posted in: Testimonials
By The Hoveround Team
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