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Mobility Scooters & Low-Power Battery Problems

Mobility Scooters & Low-Power Battery Problems

An efficient and properly running power scooter is vital to your continued mobility. To avoid any disruption, low-power issues with the scooter's battery should be dealt with right away.

Keeping the batteries charged, even when the scooter is not in use, is one of the surest ways to prevent an inconvenient loss of battery power. Not only could a sudden lack of power leave you stranded, but your motorized scooter could suffer damage if power problems are not addressed right away.

What Makes Scooters Run Low on Power

Mobility scooter batteries are a reliable source of power. Designed to keep you on-the-go for hours at a time, standard batteries are capable of achieving distances of 10 to 15 miles or more on a single, full charge.1

However, there are some very common factors which could cause your scooter's travel distance and battery strength to decline.

  • Heavy Rider Weight can place extra demand on the batteries and drain power more quickly.
  • Environmental Conditions, such as extreme cold or heat, can cause batteries to work harder. Also, power depletes faster when a scooter is used over rough or bumpy terrain.
  • Frequent Stops, Starts & Climbs, as opposed to steady-paced driving over flat, even surfaces, are a common cause of battery power depletion.
  • Battery Age and routine scooter use will inevitably lead to a gradual reduction in battery power.

Tips for Maintaining Battery Power on Your Scooter

In addition to the recommended 6-8 hours of nightly charging, scooter batteries should be charged as soon as there is any sign of power loss. This can usually be identified by slow performance and the battery gauge needle pointing into the RED.

For important battery charging tips, please refer to your scooter owner's manual, and read this article on Charging Your Scooter Batteries.

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1Total battery power and distance capability will vary by scooter model, battery type, grade, terrain and other specifications particular to the individual vehicle and user circumstances.

This article is for general informational purposes only. Practice safety when using or operating motorized equipment. Follow all recommended warnings and instructions to avoid any mishap.

November 28, 2013