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Mobility Consultation: Preparing for the Call

Mobility Consultation: Preparing for the Call

A mobility consultation phone call is easy, free, and completely confidential. It's also the most efficient way to learn about eligibility for a power chair that may be covered by up to 80% by Medicare.1

Mobility Consultation Particulars

When power chair clients call to speak with a mobility specialist, they receive personalized assistance throughout the pre-qualification process for obtaining a power wheelchair. Specialists are trained to ask callers a series of confidential and important questions involving such areas as:A Hoveround mobility consultant

  • basic medical history
  • health insurance details
  • daily routines and activities
  • personal mobility functioning, challenges, deficits and needs

The entire call only takes a few minutes, with the final result being clarification of Medicare's qualification guidelines. After the initial consultation, callers are better informed about what they need to do next so that they can obtain the mobility solution they need.

Getting Ready for the Call

Preparing in advance for the mobility consultation will help the discussion move along quickly and smoothly. So, before placing that free call, be sure to have the following information close at hand:

  • Personal identificationA woman prepares for her mobility consultations call
  • Health insurance cards (Medicare, Medicaid, other insurance)
  • Name of primary care physician, or other qualified practitioner
  • List of medical conditions and doctor's diagnoses
  • Mobility limitations (e.g, problems with safely going from room to room within the home or falling frequently)
  • Mobility aids used (cane, walker, wheelchair, power scooter)

If performing one or more routine acts of daily living has become increasingly difficult, why not take advantage of a free mobility consultation?

Contact our specialists today at 800-542-7236 and find out if a motorized wheelchair from Hoveround might be the best solution for you.

1Insurance coverage depends on medical necessity criteria as determined by insurer. Valid doctor's prescription required.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a trained medical professional.

April 16, 2012