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Medicare Power Chair Coverage: The Role of Mobility Specialists

Medicare Power Chair Coverage: The Role of Mobility Specialists

From assisting with insurance paperwork and following up with physicians, to providing personalized training and convenient service, power mobility specialists fulfill a variety of responsibilities in helping Medicare beneficiaries throughout the power wheelchair process.

Obtaining a Medicare electric wheelchair depends on complying completely with precise regulations. Mobility specialists are uniquely trained to simplify the process for approval1 and assist with getting every important detail right from start to finish. They even provide customer service after the sale.

What Power Wheelchair Mobility Specialists Do

A Hoveround mobility specialist helping a clientPower mobility specialists are employed by power chair suppliers to respond to customer needs across a wide spectrum. These highly trained individuals are instrumental in assisting clients throughout their journey to renewed mobility.

Some of the specific functions power mobility specialists may perform include the following:2

Client Intake and Assessment Specialists

  • Usually the first point of contact for mobility clients
  • Collect initial client information by phone
  • Answer questions and offer guidance
  • Assess client's needs and refer client on to continue

Another happy Hoveround mobility specialist at her jobInsurance and Medical Documentation Coordinators

  • Confirm Medicare insurance eligibility
  • Verify treating practitioner's contact information
  • Schedule face-to-face mobility examination
  • Coordinate contact with physicians and insurers
  • Receive insurance paperwork and documentation
  • Ensure all requirements for coverage are fully met
  • Track the progress of the Medicare power chair claim

A Hoveround technician helps adjust a Hoveround power wheelchairService and Technical Support

  • Deliver the chair and make adjustments, if needed
  • Demonstrate and train on use of the power wheelchair
  • Provide mobility chair service and repair
  • Fulfill in-the-field assistance and on-going maintenance

If an owner wants power chair accessories or needs an upgrade due to a change in medical condition, mobility specialists help with these requests as well.

Many people are surprised to discover just how much mobility specialists do to assist clients with their Medicare power chair benefit. The truth is, getting a power wheelchair to regain the freedom to do everyday activities is one of the simplest things to initiate. All anyone has to do is call to speak with a mobility specialist and the specialist will do the rest.

For more on PMD coverage criteria, please refer to Medicare Power Wheelchair Coverage Guidelines.

This article is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

1This article does not guarantee claim approval, coverage or reimbursement based on the information contained herein. Working closely with power wheelchair mobility specialists may increase the fulfillment of complete documentation as required by Medicare, but doing so is no guarantee for power chair claims approval.

2Specific duties and responsibilities of mobility specialists may vary from company to company, and may vary within the same company.

June 26, 2011