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Make the Right Choice When Choosing a Mobility Scooter Carrier

Make the Right Choice When Choosing a Mobility Scooter Carrier

A mobility scooter carrier is the simple answer to the question, How can I transport my power chair scooter when I travel over long distances? Determining the type of vehicle lift that's best for your situation, however, may require a little more thought.

Motorized scooters (and occasionally motorized wheelchairs) make venturing outside the home easier for people who have difficulty walking. If you plan to travel farther than a scooter chair can go on a single battery charge, then you'll probably need a mobility scooter lift.

Selecting a Mobility Scooter Carrier

A HoverLift with a swing out armRiding a mobility scooter to a destination that may be many miles away is not a good idea for several reasons, including the potential loss of battery power and risks to personal safety. But, with the right mobility scooter lift, you can conserve battery power, stay safer and simplify taking your motorized mobility chair anywhere your car can go.

These questions could help clarify the type of scooter carrier lift you may need.

  • Does your vehicle have a rear hitch mount? Can one be installed?1
  • Is your vehicle an SUV, a mini van, a truck or a passenger car?
  • Is your power scooter chair lightweight and/or foldable, or a heavy-duty, bariatric model?2
  • How much can you invest? ( A rear-loading power chair lift may be cost-effective).3

Once you've chosen the right scooter carrier that meets your specific lifting needs, you'll be well on your way towards enjoying more of your renewed mobility.

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1 Hitch receivers may be installed as standard on some vehicles, otherwise they are sold separately. Professional installation may be necessary. Not all rear hitch mounts are compatible with every motor vehicle type, nor compatible with every type of external vehicle lift.

2Scooter weight capacity may impact your choice in scooter carrier lifts. Please refer to equipment specifications to ensure the lift you purchase can support the full weight of your mobility scooter.

3Cost comparison based on average, suggested retail price of a fully converted wheelchair van with automatic power lift, versus the cost of a standard external vehicle chair lift. Actual pricing will vary by manufacturer and other factors.

This article is for general informational purposes only. HOVERLIFT® for Vehicles power chair car lift is compatible with the MPV5®, Teknique® FWD, XHD and HD6 power wheelchair models only. It is not designed for tiller-controlled scooters.

June 17, 2013