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Make Holidays Less Stressful

Make Holidays Less Stressful

Each year, as the holidays approach, many begin feeling some holiday stress, with all the obligations and events. It happens, but it doesn't have to! At Hoveround, we want you to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones with as little stress as possible.

11 Ways to Make the Holidays Less Stressful

  1. Make lists for presents — Gift-buying (or making) can be overwhelming, but it's not supposed to be. Make a list of who gets a gift, a few options for the gift, and a budget. Preparation helps so you don't have the uncertainty weighing on your mind every day!
  2. Shop online — Once you have your lists ready, scour websites for presents so you don't have to fight the crowds at the mall -- which leaves more time for you! Most outlets offer free shipping too, so you're really saving time and money!
  3. Make time for yourself! — It's very important for you to get some fresh air, read a book or do something solely for yourself so you can decompress. Don't feel guilty: When you're taken care of, your "cup is full" and you have more to offer those around you.
  4. Remember That It's OK to Say No — If you're going to an event grudgingly, pass it up. You don't have to be everywhere. Go where you can be completely in the moment and enjoy the company — since that's what the season is about, after all.
  5. Look for the positive — It's easy to focus on the stressful things that happen during the holiday season, but if you make a point to look for the good things (try these 5 Ways to Bring More Gratitude into Your Life), you'll notice the annoying stuff less.
  6. Set up a gift-wrapping station — Have a table or desk area cleared off temporarily to accommodate several rolls of wrapping paper, tape, scissors, ribbons, bows and name tags. That way, as you buy a present you can quickly wrap it so things don't pile up on you.
  7. Or use gift bags! — Not really into the whole wrapping gifts thing? No problem — simply have a bunch of gift bags and tissue paper on hand to slip those presents into and voila, you're done! Tip: Dollar stores often have great gift bags for less!
  8. Send out holiday cards early — This is one of those things you can't procrastinate on or it just eats away at you. Keep a running list of everyone you plan to send cards to, then start getting them ready a few at a time.
  9. Print recipient address labels — Use a computer for return address labels AND for the recipient's address. Use a fancy cursive (but still legible) font for the addresses of your friends and family to save yourself tons of time. Bonus: If you have a condition like arthritis, this is easier and less painful.
  10. Keep extra cards on hand — Place some holiday cards, stamps and a pen by your mail center so you'll have a card ready to send out if someone who wasn't on your list sends you one.
  11. Use scented candles — Do you like the smell of evergreen trees? Or perhaps vanilla, peppermint or cinnamon are more your style? Light a candle in your favorite scent and watch the stress melt away.

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December 13, 2015