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Is It Time for a Hoveround Power Wheelchair?

Can a Hoveround power wheelchair help you?

Having Trouble Getting Around Your Home?

If you've wondered about how much easier your life would be with something to help you regain your mobility, it might be the right time for a Hoveround power wheelchair. These three questions can help you decide:

  1. Is it difficult to maneuver around the home?

    Using a Hoveround power wheelchair isn't just for someone who can't move without assistance. If your mobility is impaired and it's difficult to maneuver around your home, you can enjoy the benefits of an electric wheelchair.

    It may be time for a Hoveround power wheelchair when it becomes difficult to complete daily tasks around your home, such as:

    • Going to the kitchen to prepare meals or eat
    • Going to the bathroom to bathe, toilet, groom or brush your teeth
    • Moving into other living areas safely
    • Entering or exiting your home
    • Getting the mail or taking out the garbage
    • Cleaning

    A Hoveround power wheelchair is a great way to regain your mobility. And because of its patented Round for a Reason® design, a Hoveround power wheelchair is able to easily maneuver around most homes, apartments or manufactured homes. The precise steering and design gives you the ability to turn around tight corners and fit through seemingly small spaces in your home.

  3. Does your mobility affect your participation in social events?

    Have you ever turned down an invitation to a wedding, a day at the beach, afamily reunion, a barbecue or another social event because you knew how difficult it would be to get around? When your mobility is impaired inside of your home and outings become difficult due to your limited mobility, a Hoveround power wheelchair or mobility scooter may help.

    It may be time for a Hoveround power wheelchair if you are turning down invitations because you can't get around easily, often due to medical conditions resulting in:

    • Severe weakness
    • Shortness of breath
    • Unsteadiness and trouble standing
    • Frequent falls

    If it's time to enjoy the benefits of a power chair, you'll be happy to know that there are a variety of options and accessories to suit your needs, including two heavy-duty power wheelchairs able to support larger body frames: the 450-pound capacity XHD and the 600-pound capacity HD6.

  5. Have loved ones expressed concerns about your mobility?

    Sometimes, others can see things more clearly than we can, because instead of seeing a gradual change, they notice a more pronounced change. If your loved ones have seen you struggling with mobility, don't automatically brush them off. Instead, think about how difficult it really is for you to get around your home, and consider the observations and suggestions of the ones you love.

    It may be time for a Hoveround power wheelchair if you're experiencing decreased mobility due to health issues such as:

    • Diabetes
    • COPD
    • Arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis)
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Obesity
    • Injury
    • Joint pain

    Using a Hoveround power wheelchair can save you pain and money, because using an electric wheelchair helps to reduce the risk of falls and allows you to continue aging in place. As a result, you can save yourself from having to spend a night (or several nights) in the hospital, entera skilled nursing environment, or hire a caregiver to assist you at home after a fall.

Let Our Mobility Specialists Help

Talk to your doctor about how a Hoveround power wheelchair can improve your daily life and help you regain your independence, then call (800) 542-7236 to speak with one of our Mobility Specialists. We're here and ready to help you determine which mobility device is right for you.

August 27, 2019