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How to Talk With Your Loved One About Mobility Solutions

How to Talk With Your Loved One About Mobility Solutions

Maybe mom doesn't have that spring in her step anymore, or dad doesn't want to head to the baseball field to see his grandson pitching as much as he used to. Chances are, mobility has become an issue — and you've noticed. But how do you introduce the idea of getting a mobility vehicle to make things easier? Our trained representatives at Hoveround can help. Here are 4 tips on How to talk to with your loved one about using a mobility vehicle:

1. Find the right time to bring it up.

One of the most important parts of any discussion is timing. You'll want to make sure that both you and your loved one are in the best frame of mind to talk about using a mobility vehicle. That means you're both open to conversation; no one is on the defensive. For instance, you may want to talk about using a mobility vehicle — such as Hoveround power wheelchairs or mobility scooters — after a nice family dinner while everyone is relaxing. Make it clear that a decision doesn't need to be made immediately; it's all about putting the option on the table and keeping an open mind.

2. State the facts: It's getting harder to move around safely.

Has your loved one given up doing things he or she has always loved, such as taking walks to look at the spring blooms or visiting the grandkids at school events? Have you noticed your loved one becoming more frustrated with his or her lack of mobility?

Give your loved one a few concrete examples of things he or she is having a hard time doing now, then mention how those things could be easier with the help of a mobility vehicle. It's important to recognize signs of mobility loss in order to realize that having a mobility vehicle can help turn things around!

3. Reminder: Getting help REGAINS independence.

Often, people may believe that accepting help — either from another person or a mobility device — is a sign of weakness, when the opposite is true! It's important to remind your loved one that using a mobility vehicle is NOT a sign of getting old and losing independence; in fact, it's a great way to REGAIN independence!

Put yourself in your loved one's shoes: Not being able to perform daily activities is frustrating and losing independence can be tough. But what if there was a way to make things easier? There is! With all the options at Hoveround, you and your loved one can find the best mobility vehicle to help regain independence in no time!

4. We'll tackle the costs, together.

As with any big purchase, cost is often a factor — and your loved one may feel that a new purchase isn't needed. But you can help reassure your loved one that you will figure it out, together, once you discover how much a mobility vehicle will help your loved one. Depending on your situation, insurance may be able to help.*

Be sure to call our Hoveround representatives at (800) 542-7236 and get started today!

*Insurance coverage depends on medical necessity as determined by insurer. Valid doctor's prescription required.

April 6, 2015