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How to Disassemble Your Mobility Scooter for Easier Travel

How to Disassemble Your Mobility Scooter for Easier Travel

Some motorized scooters are classified as travel scooters because they disassemble into lightweight pieces for convenient transport. Certain models, like the Scout, Spitfire and Phoenix portable scooters, can be easily disassembled (and, re-assembled) without any tools, so you can take your motorized travel scooter where ever you might go.

Disassembled Parts of a Travel Scooter

A disassembled travel scooterAll portable power scooters can be broken down for storing and transporting, but the specifics depend on the scooter model and brand. In general, mobility travel scooters disassemble into either four, or five easy-to-handle pieces.

  1. Seat
  2. Basket
  3. Battery
  4. Front
  5. Back section

Simple Portable Scooter Disassembly Steps

Taking apart a portable scooter can be accomplished in almost no time at all.
1Just turn the power of, remove the key and you're all set for the hassle-free transport of your motorized scooter.

  • Lift the seat off of its post.
  • Fold seat down, if possible.
  • Remove the basket and battery pack.
  • If there is a connector, use it to separate the body into sections.
  • Finally, lower the tiller and lock it into place

A scooter with seat folded down being disassembled for travelYour motorized travel scooter is now perfectly disassembled into just a few pieces. Each part is ideally-sized for loading into a car, truck or van. And, when you're ready to ride your power scooter again, just snap the pieces back into place and secure.

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1 These instructions are specific only to the Scout, Spitfire and Phoenix travel mobility scooters. All portable scooters, provided by Hoveround, break down into 5 pieces with bases that can separate into 2 sections. Disassembly capabilities may vary with other scooters, depending on make and model. Be sure to review the scooter owner's manual for detailed instructions.

2For safety, scooter disassembly and re-assembly should only take place on a smooth, dry and level surface. It is also important that there be sufficient space to comfortably move about while handling the parts of the scooter. If for any reason you are unable to safely break down your scooter, seek assistance to avoid possible injury. This article is for general informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.

May 15, 2020