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How to Choose the Right Power Wheelchair Bag

How to Choose the Right Power Wheelchair Bag

A well-constructed wheelchair bag is a convenient accessory to have for keeping important items close at hand throughout the day. Choosing the best type of electric wheelchair bag may just be a matter of two basic, yet major considerations:

  1. The objects the wheelchair bag will carry
  2. Ease of access to the bag and all of its contents

What Will Your Wheelchair Bag Carry?

A typical side bag for power wheelchairsThe type of bag needed is directly related to how you plan to use it.

  • Bringing along books, magazines, an over-sized newspaper? A large, side tote bag may be a good idea.
  • Storing a portable battery charger or a light sweater, just in case? Try a roomy and sturdy wheelchair backpack.
  • Need quick access to your keys, cellphone or medications? A small armrest bag might fit the bill.

Remember, when buying a wheelchair bag of any type know what the bag, and your chair, can handle. Even if the bag is constructed from strong and durable reinforced canvas, it should never be loaded down with anything too heavy. Doing so could throw the wheelchair off balance and cause a loss in stability.

Is the Power Wheelchair Bag Easily Accessible?

Electric wheelchair bags may attach over the armrest or onto the power wheelchair's back. Since every person has different limitations, it's important to choose a wheelchair bag that can be reached easily and safely by the chair's occupant.

For example, a backpack might be useful for carrying items that the power chair user doesn't need to constantly access. But, if immediate access is essential, then a handy side tote bag that attaches conveniently onto the armrest may be preferred over a bag that's located elsewhere on the wheelchair.

Choose a Power Chair Bag with Simple Security

A typical installation of a power wheelchair bagComplex attachment features, fussy buttons, clamps and bothersome hooks require a lot of effort to use properly. Hoveround wheelchair bags

secure easily to the chair with adjustable Velcro® straps. The simple spring-loaded closure stays open when needed and closes to hold personal belongings safe inside. There's no hassle with these wheelchair bags.

Take your renewed mobility further with your own power wheelchair tote bag or spacious wheelchair backpack. It's easy to get the right wheelchair accessory for your individual needs. Shop Hoveround online now, or call 1-800-308-9295 for personalized assistance.

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May 29, 2013