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How Fast Are Power Wheelchairs?

How Fast Are Power Wheelchairs?

How fast can power chairs go? What is a safe power wheelchair speed?

Most power wheelchairs average a top speed of approximately 5 mph. However, some power chair models can achieve maximum speeds of 10 mph and more.1

Power Chair Speeds and Lifestyle Needs

Faster power chair speeds may help fulfill the lifestyle needs of the more active power wheelchair user.

Individuals who need to quickly negotiate local roads, school campuses or busy parking lots might benefit from a chair with a higher top speed. All-terrain power chairs, for example, have faster speeds and added power to tackle rough, outdoor environments.

But, for power wheelchair users who primarily need day-to-day mobility assistance inside their home, speed may not be nearly as important as comfort, safety and maneuverability.

Slow Power Wheelchair Speeds for In-Home Mobility

Couple enjoying life with the help of their power cheelchairAlthough a power wheelchair might have a top speed of 5 miles per hour, it is not necessary to drive that fast indoors. In fact, for enhanced safety, a slower power wheelchair speed is highly recommended.

  • A lower speed makes navigating from room to room much easier.
  • Slower speeds reduce chances for losing control of the chair.
  • Accidents, damage and injury may be less likely in a power chair going under 5 mph.

Hoveround offers quality power wheelchairs that are all built for comfort, reliability and ease-of-use. Maximum speeds for our power chairs range from 3.3 mph (heavy duty/bariatric) to 5 mph (MPV5®). Every Hoveround is designed to provide the utmost in maneuverability and rider safety.

Visit Hoveround online, or call 800-542-7236. Find out how Hoveround customizes every power wheelchair to safely match the individual's medical, lifestyle and personal mobility needs.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

1 Speed will vary with power wheelchair brand, model, as well as rider weight, terrain and grade.

May 5, 2013