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Hoveround Power Chairs & Accessible Vacation Cruises

Accessible vacation cruises can be great therapy

Cruise ships docking at U.S. ports are required to have accessible facilities for disabled travelers, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).1 This includes on board services suitable for special needs travelers who must use a power wheelchair or mobility scooter in order to get around while vacationing.

Now, power wheelchair users who are considering a wheelchair accessible cruise have more options from which to choose.

Accessible Cruise Ships: The Essentials

Accommodations for travelers with special needs will vary by cruise line and among individual ships. The following represents only a small sampling of the wheelchair accessible vacation services cruise lines may offer.2

  • Assistance from airport to pier, during boarding and deboarding
  • ADA-compliant cabins, doorways, corridors and wheelchair ramps
  • Grab bars, raised toilets, wheelchair-friendly bathrooms
  • Areas to charge power wheelchair batteries and store mobility equipment

Finding Accessible Vacation Information

A Hoveround user enjoys the view from a cruise shipCruise ship passengers who need to use a wheelchair, power chair, or power scooter should research accessible vacation options before setting sail. Here are a couple of places to start.

  • Cruise Line Websites — Information on cruises with accessible itineraries and other disability travel services is easily found online. Begin by searching for "disability cruises" or "cruising with a wheelchair," and go from there.
  • Accessible Travel Agents — This type of agent specializes in disabled travel booking. Contact the American Society of Travel Advisors for a list of special needs travel agencies.

As demand grows for wheelchair accessible vacation packages, more cruise lines are expected to provide a wider range of travel services specially designed for the disabled traveler.

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1In 2005, the US Supreme Court ruled that all cruise lines operating in US waters must be ADA compliant and make their ships accessible to all passengers, including those in wheelchairs and scooters. (ADA Applies to Foreign Cruise Ships)

2Not all ships offer every amenity listed. There may also be limited availability of accessible cabins. Confirm all details with the cruise line or a travel agency.

October 2, 2012