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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Best Gifts for Seniors

Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Best Gifts for Seniors

Not sure what to get mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, Aunt Suzy and Uncle Bob, or your lovely next-door neighbor this holiday season? Read on for our Holiday Gift Guide.

10 Best Gifts for Seniors

  1. A Tablet — A tablet is GREAT for seniors, for so many reasons!
    • They are easy for arthritic hands to hold, and there are no pages to turn
    • It's easy to make the font size larger
    • It's compact and easy to carry around and bring to doctor's appointments, hair appointments, etc.
    • It's easy to purchase new books (or “borrow” e-books from your local library) without having to leave the house!
  2. Games and puzzles — What better reason is there to invite everyone over to socialize than to play games? Some good examples of board games to try: Loaded Questions, Balderdash, Monopoly Here and Now, Apples to Apples, Quirkle and Say Anything. Or you can always splurge on a really nice checkers or chess board that will surely be loved.
  3. Jewelry — Not all jewelry is created equally, but when it's personalized, it means more. For the lady in your life, consider an Alex and Ani bracelet with charms for mother, grandmother, friendship, etc. For the gentleman in your life, cuff links special ordered with a monogram or sports team logo are a nice change — as are monogrammed belt buckles or rings. You'll be thought of every time that jewelry gets worn. Bonus!
  4. Personalized travel mugs, coffee mugs and water cups — Make having a beverage fun and personal! Have a coffee or tea drinker in your life? You can order a specially designed mug with a cute saying or even the grandkids' picture on it. You can also have travel coffee mugs monogrammed as well. Or, if your loved one is more of a water or soda drinker, consider one of those dishwasher-safe cups with a lid and straw with a design or their initial on it.
  5. A robe and slippers, and luxurious bath/shower products — Every lady deserves some pampering, so give her all the tools she needs to turn her bathroom into an at-home spa retreat! Some cozy slippers and a fluffy robe are always welcome (if you're not sure of her favorite color, stick with white). But for even more comfort, splurge on some luxurious bath/shower products.
  6. Deluxe Shower Head — There's no reason men can't enjoy the spa retreat, too! Everyone will love a deluxe shower head to turn showers into full-on relaxation time. Make sure it has features including different spray levels and a detachable shower head. For safety, you could also consider purchasing a bath seat or installing grab bars as well.
  7. Tickets to a concert, sporting event, or theatrical performance — Giving gifts over the holidays is a way to show your appreciation for loved ones by purchasing things they wouldn't necessarily spend their money on — that's why gifts of experience are so wonderful (yet often overlooked). Check when your loved one's favorite team is playing at home, scour a ticketing site to see what concerts are coming up in your area, and check theater venues for a list of upcoming performances. Even if the event isn't for a month or more, it will give your loved one something to look forward to.
  8. That hard-to-find classic movie — Maybe your loved one reminisces about watching "Somewhere in Time" but doesn't have it on DVD (no DVD player? There's another great gift idea!). Make it a point to stop at the store and buy it. Or if your loved one's favorite movie is some obscure title you've never come across, do an internet search and see if it can be ordered.
  9. Food — Is there a particular food from a favorite vacation spot (say, some Vermont cheddar or macadamia nuts from Hawaii) that your loved one remembers fondly? Order it! Or maybe it's a cultural food that is not at a regular grocery store? Search for where to buy it online and have it shipped. Many happy memories revolve around food, right?
  10. A One Cup Coffee Maker — Put a little flavor in your loved one's life and give him or her a one-cup coffee maker! There are all different kinds to choose from, with single-serving cups that make it fun and easy to brew different flavors throughout the day. This saves trips to the local coffee shop for a flavored coffee every morning. Plus, even if your loved one isn't a big coffee fan, there are tons of options for teas and hot chocolate K-cups to brew.

Give the Gift of Independence

As an added bonus to our Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Best Gifts for Seniors, consider giving your loved one with mobility issues their freedom back with a Hoveround Power Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter. Why? Because Hoveround makes mobility easier. Call Hoveround today at (800) 542-7236 to learn how Hoveround can help.

November 28, 2015