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Fold-Down Seats on Power Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

Fold-Down Seats on Power Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

Fold-down seat backs featured on adjustable power wheelchair seats (and on motorized scooters) offer several benefits to the power mobility user. More than comfort, convenience and ease-of-transport, a scooter or electric wheelchair with a fold-down backrest further enhances personal mobility and expands independence.

Foldable Power Wheelchairs: The Benefits of Portability

While most power wheelchairs are designed for in-home mobility, the portability of a folding power chair can be an equally desired attribute.

A few benefits to having a portable electric wheelchair that can fold include:

  • Easy transport - simply load the folded chair onto a hitched vehicle chair lift
  • Simple storage - backrest folds to fit inside a car trunk, SUV or minivan
  • Secure travel - safely stores in airplane or cruise ship cargo holds

In addition to a fold-down seat back, the Hoveround MPV5® has the added benefit of being one of the most maneuverable and compact power chairs available.

How to Fold Down a Power Chair Backrest

An MPV5 power chair with backrest folded downHoveround backrests fold-down with minimal effort. To ensure personal safety, the procedure below should be followed at all times:

  • Start with the seat and back in the upright position.
  • Apply pressure to the chair back, pushing it downward.
  • The back will fold down onto the seat cushion.
  • Lift the seat back up to return it to its upright position.
  • When the seat back 'locks', it is completely upright and safe to sit in.

Foot plates and adjustable armrests on Hoveround power chairs also flip-up to maximize foldability.

Expertly designed to give mobility impaired individuals an outstanding level of stability, quality and safety, a folding power wheelchair from Hoveround will ensure maximum comfort and support.

For more active outdoor users, Hoveround offers stylish motorized scooters, with similarly easy-to-fold down back rests and flip-up armrests.

Hoveround makes it easy. Simply contact a Mobility Specialist by calling 1-800-542-7236 or shop online.

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October 24, 2013