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Extending Accessibility with Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Extending Accessibility with Portable Wheelchair Ramps

A portable ramp could be just the solution for increasing accessibility of power scooters and electric wheelchairs in a variety of places.

Slightly raised landings, short steps, and/or other types of uneven surfaces can present a significant obstacle to someone in a power wheelchair. But with a transportable wheelchair ramp, users of power mobility may be able to conveniently access more of the places they wish to go.1

Popular Folding Ramps for Power Wheelchairs

A tri-fold portable wheelchair rampOf the different categories of portable ramps available on the market, three of the most popular types are:

Threshold ramps are ideal for homes with doors that swing out. For navigating power chairs or mobility scooters over low steps or outside curbs, foldable, go-anywhere suitcase ramps are a good choice.

Assorted lengths and an optional extension lip makes the TRIFOLD Advantage Series® portable ramp2 the perfect platform for loading mobility equipment onto trucks, vans, and other accessible vehicles. It works great around the home, as well, and any place else a convenient ramp is needed.

Benefits of Foldable Power Chair Ramps

A single fold portable wheelchair rampPortable wheelchair ramps have several specific benefits, including:

  • Foldability for ease-of-use, ease-of-transport and ease-of-storage
  • Welded construction provides ultra-strong support across a wide, slip-resistant platform
  • Aluminum ramps are highly durable, weather-proof and need minimal maintenance
  • When compared to permanent ramps, suitcase ramps tend to be less costly and don't require complex construction or professional installation.

Whether at home or when traveling, accessibility for a power wheelchair or electric mobility scooter can be easily expanded with any one of these portable wheelchair ramps. To learn more, contact a Hoveround mobility specialist today at 800-542-7236.

Please Note: Before purchasing a ramp to complement the accessibility of a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or power mobility scooter, it is advisable to consult with the supplier beforehand. This will help to ensure the selection of the most appropriate ramp model.

The contents of this article are intended for informational and educational purposes only.

1Maximum weight-support capacity and other factors may vary according to individual ramp model and number of axles. Carefully review product information for exact details.

2TRIFOLD and Advantage Series are trademarks of EZ Access®

February 21, 2012