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Enjoy Easier Living with Mobility Lifts

Mobility lifts provide assistance in the bath, on the stairs and with your vehicle

Every day, an increasing number of seniors and disabled adults experience added peace of mind and more independence with mobility lifts. They have discovered the many ways that bath lifts, stair lifts, chair lifts and vehicle lifts can help reduce obstacles to mobility and make their lives easier. The right lifting solution could possibly do the same for you.

Assistive Technology and Mobility Lift Solutions Explained

Bath Lifts

Limited mobility or diminished strength and generalized weakness can turn bath time into a monumental task. For many, independent bathing is so troublesome that full baths are avoided altogether. However, a quality bath lift has the potential to make bathing less fearful, more relaxing and more secure.

What to look for: For added safety and comfort, you should choose a bath lift with suction cup feet for bathing stability and a convenient hand control for setting the perfect recline position. A wide, swivel seat is also ideal for simplified access and exiting. Some bath lifts are portable, lightweight and very easy to install. Designed to fit most standard tubs, this bath lift is one of the most versatile available.

Stair Lifts

A stair lift is truly an innovation in home mobility. Stair lifts are an excellent solution for anyone who may be unable to walk up or down the stairs safely or unassisted in the house

What to look for: If you choose a stair lift with an attached seat, look for one with a seat configuration that is height-adjustable, compact and folds up (so others in your house can use the stairs without obstacles). The ideal stair lift should also provide a quiet ride and have a full backrest for maximum seated comfort. Our HOVERGlide® family of stair lifts fold tight against the wall when not in use, allowing others to easily use the stairs. Equipped with safety sensors that will stop the chair if it meets an obstruction. Our stair lifts are a prime choice for energy efficiency and safe riding performance.

Vehicle Lifts

Power wheelchair users can reap much benefit from the lift technology of a mobile car lift. These mobility lifts provide safe and convenient transport of a power chair or scooter when hitched onto the back of a vehicle. The loading platform of the vehicle lift may raise and lower electronically to give the power wheelchair or mobility scooter a secure ride.

What to look for: The HOVERLIFT for Vehicles is one of the lightest and most compact vehicle lifts you can find. It works by simply plugging the lift into your Hoveround power wheelchair charging port. For extra ease of operation, the HOVERLIFT®mobility lift has a patent-pending design that requires just two tie-down ratchets as opposed to four, making it quicker and easier for you to load than most other models.

Hoveround offers a wide range of mobility aids that effectively improve the lives of individuals with limited mobility. If you or one of your loved ones is mobility challenged, you can enjoy the pleasure of a more independent life with our many mobility lift solutions.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice

December 9, 2019
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