Coach Sonny Teaches Kids More Than Just Football

Coach Sonny Teaches Kids More Than Just Football

Coach Sonny helping a kid with his helmetRalph Sonny Murphy is one of the most inspiring customers we have ever had the chance to meet. His story is more than about his independence and mobility. It is about helping others, even in the face of much adversity.

Sonny was going to school for security and law enforcement. One night he went out for dinner and was shot in the back. Sonny explains, "In 30 seconds, my life changed. No one came to help me. I had to decide right then to move on and not let life pass me by."

Once Sonny was healthy enough, he decided he needed to give back and started coaching in the Pop Warner Youth Football League. "I am there to teach these kids something, and it isn't just about football. It's about life,"1 explained Sonny.

Sonny's Hoveround lets him stay in the game and teaches the kids perseverance, determination and compassion. "When they see me, they don't see a wheelchair anymore - they just see me." Alysia, a Pop Warner supervisor, says it's true: "The kids love him and treat Sonny like any other coach."

Coach Sonny with his Pop Warner football team"I couldn't do it without a Hoveround. It's my legs, something I lost 17 years ago. I don't have to call a cab or wait for anybody, I just open the door and go."

Sonny loves and inspires the kids. He says: "When you see the kids play the game right, it just blows your mind. And from a wheelchair you teach them this stuff."

Tom Kruse, president of Hoveround said: "I personally will never, ever forget this day." Neither will the rest of us, and we hope that you are as inspired by Coach Sonny as we were. You can watch his story online now!

July 21, 2016