Technical Support Articles

Woman on a mobility scooter with two boys walking along

Power Scooter Troubleshooting Guide

Motorized scooter problems may be easy to fix. This convenient power scooter troubleshooting chart offers some tips.
A set of batteries for mobility scooters

How to Charge Mobility Scooter Batteries

Learn how easy it is to charge the your electric mobility scooter batteries.
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How To Maintain And Care For Your Power Wheelchair

These simple care tips can help to keep your power wheelchair in excellent working condition.
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How to Charge Power Wheelchair Batteries

Charging your power chair batteries is easy and essential to continued mobility. Learn the best way to keep your Hoveround powered up and ready.
A checklist of things to do for weekly wheelchair maintenance

Power Wheelchair Weekly Maintenance Checklist

Conduct a weekly status check of your power wheelchair to help you stay mobile.
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Electronic Joystick Controllers For Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchair speed and direction is controlled through a computerized controller.