Senior Lifestyles Articles

Power Chairs Enable Group Participation

Research supports the use of power chairs for keeping seniors with limited mobility socially involved.

Hoveround Power Chairs & Accessible Vacation Cruises

Cruise lines that accommodate special needs travelers and power wheelchair users make accessible vacations a real option.

3 Easy-To-Do Power Wheelchair Stretches

Consult with your doctor, then enjoy the benefits that these three stretching exercises can provide for electric wheelchair users.

The Benefits of Safe, Power Wheelchair Stretching

By adding seated stretches to a normal fitness routine, power wheelchair users can keep their muscles flexible and healthy.

Transitioning to Life in a Power Wheelchair

Transitioning to power mobility is a big challenge, but the reward is renewed independence and a sense of getting your life back.

Mobility Consultation: Preparing for the Call

Before calling Hoveround for a no-obligation mobility consultation, prepare in advance with these few, simple tips.

How to Talk to the Doctor About Limited Mobility

How to talk with a senior care doctor about limited mobility and Medicare motorized wheelchairs.

Mobility with Less Pain: Help Your Doctor Help You

Learn how to partner with your doctor for pain management and how to stay comfortably mobile.