Senior Lifestyles Articles

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Bus & Train Rules for Safer Power Chair Transport

Learn the rules that apply to bringing a power chair or scooter on public transit and expand your mobility!
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Certified Mobility Specialists & Quality Care

RESNA-certified mobility specialists, like those on Hoveround's staff, are experts in patient care and mobility assistance.
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Is a Wheelchair Van What You Really Need?

Conversion wheelchair vans can be very expensive, but a vehicle lift offers a more affordable option for your power chair.
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Wheelchair Sports: Power Soccer & Power Chair Hockey

Power wheelchair sports like hockey and soccer provide wheelchair athletes with exercise and fun.
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3 Ways Arthritis Sufferers Benefit from Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs can provide arthritis sufferers with relief, comfort and independent mobility.
Guide dogs can help the disabled

What a Pair! Hoveround & Southeastern Guide Dogs

Service animals helping the disabled is commonplace. But Hoveround power chairs paired with a guide dog school? Now, that's news!
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Power Chair Access to Mass Transit Expands Senior Mobility

Public transportation systems are more accessible to seniors and power chair users than ever before, expanding senior mobility
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Grandparenting From a Power Wheelchair

The act of grandparenting from a wheelchair (or, power wheelchair) can be rewarding for the entire family.
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Expanding Power Chair Mobility with a Service Dog

Service animals trained in mobility assistance are helpful in many ways.