Power Wheelchairs Articles

Power Wheelchair Cushion Types

Wheelchair cushions provide additional support, comfort and therapeutic aid to power chair users.

How to Choose the Right Power Wheelchair Bag

Can't decide between an electric wheelchair tote bag or a motorized wheelchair backpack? Find out how to make the right choice with Hoveround.

How Fast Are Power Wheelchairs?

Which speeds are considered the safest for in-home mobility use of power wheelchairs?

All-Terrain Power Wheelchair Information

Extreme terrain power chairs are for the adventurous outdoor enthusiast with limited mobility, but all-terrain chairs are not for everyone.

Are Lightweight Power Chairs better than Standard Power Chairs?

Get the facts on lightweight power wheelchairs and discover if a Hoveround power chair is a better option for you.

Power Wheelchair Delivery And Training Services

Here's the inside scoop about what happens during personalized delivery of your new Hoveround power chair.

Rear-Wheel Drive Wheelchair Benefits and Features

Learn how power wheelchairs with rear-wheel drive differ from power wheelchairs with front-wheel drive.

Power Seat Lifts & Power Chairs: Perfect Together

You can reach more things more easily, right from your power chair, with the addition of a power seat lift.

Portable Oxygen Tank Holder Information

Wheelchair bags for portable oxygen tanks offer the ultimate in convenience and accessibility for power chair users with respiratory ailments.