Bath Lifts: Guidelines for Safer & Easier Use

Bath Lifts: Guidelines for Safer & Easier Use

Designed to maximize bath time safety, convenience and comfort, the bath lifts makes independent bathing a simple pleasure once more. For the most beneficial experience and to safeguard against injury, take a few moments to learn how to properly use a bath lift and feel in control again.

Here are a few tips for worry-free enjoyment of the some bath lifts.1

  • How to Use a Bath Lift Safely
  • Carefully read the owner's manual before using the tub lift.
  • Before operating the lift for the first time, charge the battery for 24 hours.
  • Charge the battery away from water (i.e, do not charge in the bathroom).
  • Connect the battery and controller. Secure suction cup feet and side panels.
  • Install the lift in a smooth, clean tub with no obstructions or debris.
  • For practice, operate an empty bath lift in an empty tub, several times.
  • When ready, fill the bath with water at a desirable temperature and level.
  • Follow manual's instructions for entering and exiting the seat lift.

Additional Advice for Safer, Comfortable Bathing

The National Safety Council reports among all accidents that occur in the home, the majority happen in the bathroom. Therefore, a little extra caution and care should be taken by all persons, regardless of age or disability, when using bathroom amenities.

With this in mind, please note the following, additional safety tips safer bath lift use.

  • Avoid taking a bath when there is no one else in the home. In the event that help may be needed, it is a good idea for there to be someone close by who could administer assistance.
  • Do not use the bathtub lift if the unit doesn't fit the tub properly, or if it feels excessively wobbly, unstable or weak.2
  • Seek professional and/or manufacturer's advice if there is any question or uncertainty about using the lift correctly.

In much the same way that a motorized wheelchair expands personal mobility and freedom, a personal lift for the bathtub contributes to greater independence and more peace of mind.

This article is for informational purposes only.

1Follow manufacturer's safety instructions and guidelines at all times for using the bath tub seat lift.

2This lift is designed to provide suitable support for individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. Anyone with a higher weight should not use this particular bath lift model.

April 23, 2012