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Are Lightweight Power Chairs better than Standard Power Chairs?

Are Lightweight Power Chairs better than Standard Power Chairs?

Ultra-lightweight power wheelchairs may be an appealing power mobility option for some people. However, a lighter chair doesn't always mean a better chair.

Before committing to just any lightweight power chair, consider the following facts. You may discover a more appropriate solution in a Hoveround, one of the most comfortable and innovative line of power wheelchairs on the market today.

Is a Lightweight Power Wheelchair Right For You?

Light weight electric wheelchairs are usually chosen for their size and carrying weight. But, seldom do they offer the range of mobility benefits found in sturdier models.1

Rider Security

To maximize portability, travel power chairs are made from extremely light materials. All parts combined, these light weight power chairs barely weigh 100 pounds, with an average 200-pound weight capacity limit. Stable, reliable power chairs.Smaller foot rests may also offset the chair's stability and increase the likelihood of tipping over.

Individuals requiring reliable body support might experience greater rider security with a slightly weightier power chair. Hoveround power wheelchairs have weight capacities from 300 to 600 pounds (depending on the specific model).

Our bariatric power chairs, for example, provide rugged construction, a lower center of gravity and broad footplates for added stability.

Customizable Comfort

Lightweight electric wheelchairs rarely feature the elevating leg rests, power chair recline or comfortable headrests that some wheelchair users might need on a routine basis. With very few exceptions, light weight motorized wheelchairs are better suited for convenience, or as temporary substitutes for full-time mobility equipment.

On the other hand, customizable power wheelchairs such as the MPV5® and Teknique® models, are ideal for everyday use. The availability of medically-necessary upgrades, advanced seating and personalized positioning options make these power chairs supremely comfortable for the individual user.

Our power chairs may cost a little more than an ultra-light chair of lesser quality. But for the reliability, superior stability and long-lasting mobility you need and want, a Hoveround power chair is simply the better value all around.

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Or, shop online anytime, and discover why Hoveround is your most dependable mobility solution.

1This article is for informational purposes. Lightweight electric wheelchair data has been compiled from aggregate sources and is general in nature.

April 15, 2013