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All-Terrain Power Wheelchair Information

All-Terrain Power Wheelchair Information

All-terrain power wheelchairs differ from standard power chairs in many important ways.

All-Terrain Power Chairs Take Mobility to the Extreme

Power hairs are either purchased, or prescribed, for the fulfillment of mobility-related activities of daily living within the home environment. All-terrain power wheelchairs, with their extra large, wide-tread tires, are designed primarily for driving over rough, outdoor surfaces.

Some are equipped with crawler tracks to handle conditions which would be extremely difficult, and potentially hazardous, for a medical power wheelchair. These include:

  • Mud, sand and overgrown grass
  • Rocky roads and paths covered in snow, slush, sleet or ice
  • Steep hills, steep inclines and steep slopes

This may, in part, help to explain why extreme outdoor power chairs appeal to the young and adventurous.

Choose the Right Power Chair for Your Mobility Needs

A regular electric wheelchair is best for normal day-to-day activitiesThe extreme capabilities of all-terrain power chairs may fail to satisfy the day-to-day needs of most power chair users who simply require mobility assistance inside their homes. Other disadvantages to off-road power Tinclude the following:

  • Off-road power wheelchairs are expensive. The average all-terrain power chair can cost upwards from $10,000. Customized, specialty chairs cost even more.
  • Health insurance won't cover the cost. This includes Medicare and Medicaid.
  • All-terrain power chairs don't maneuver well indoors. Outdoor-only power wheelchairs can be bulky and heavy. Having one may require the purchase of another power chair for indoors.

An all terrain wheelchair may not be the best choice for your homeOn the plus side, Hoveround power wheelchairs are ideal for going from room to room. Compact and rounded, they navigate easily through small spaces and around tight corners in the home. And a Hoveround is safe for maneuvering outdoors as well (such as over a level and paved walkway).

Contact a Hoveround Mobility Specialist today at 800-542-7236 for more information. Or, visit Hoveround online and choose from a selection of high-quality power wheelchairs and mobility accessories.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.

April 17, 2013