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Aging in Place: How to Stay in Your Home

Aging in Place: How to Stay in Your Home

You may think it is time for you or a loved one to move into an assisted care community, but in reality, you may just need to make some simple home modifications that will allow you to retain your mobility and independence! There are easy adjustments you can make such as these 5 Tips to Help Prevent Falls in the Home — and Hoveround has mobility solutions that can help to keep you aging in place for years to come. Try these tips below.

Home Safety Tips

Bathroom Tips and Solutions

Many folks focus on the bathroom when it comes to avoiding slips and falls. While these incidents do occur in a wet, slippery bathroom, taking simple steps can reduce the chances of that happening.

  • Install a Bath Lift. These devices make getting in and out of the tub safer – and easier.
  • Use a grab bar where possible. Having something there for extra support and help maneuvering allows for extra stability.

Bedroom Tips and Solutions

Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation, not worry — so here are a few ways to make your bedroom safer.

  • Use an Overbed Table. Having everything easily within reach means you're not leaning over too far and reduces unnecessary trips in and out of bed.
  • Attach a Bed Assist Rail. Getting in and out of bed can sometimes be difficult, but using a bed rail provides additional support.

Living Area Tips and Solutions

It's the space you probably spend most of your time in, so make sure your living room and kitchen allow for proper mobility with these simple steps.

  • Try a collapsible grabber. Having trouble getting to those items high up? Using a grabber is a great way to reach them without having to balance and stretch too far.
  • Invest in a Power Chair. Do you like to cook, but can't stand at the stove for long periods? Our chairs rise up to allow you the freedom to prepare dinner while remaining seated!

Tips and Solutions for Stairs

You don't need to move just because you have a two-story home or a basement -- and you have a difficult time with stairs! There are steps you can take to make those stairs safer.

  • Have Handrails on Both Sides. Make sure your staircase has handrails on both sides, not just one, to make it easier for balance and stability.
  • Install a Stair Lift. With our HOVERGlide® family of stair lifts, we have options to suit your needs. Our lifts can help you easily — and safely — get up and down those steps.

Entryway Tips and Solutions

If getting in and out of your home is difficult, it doesn't have to be! Making a few adjustments to your entryway will make coming home a breeze.

  • Install Outdoor Mobility Solutions. A Wheelchair Ramp and an Outdoor Stair Lift can take away the constant worry about slips and falls.
  • Use Proper Lighting. It's important that all entryways have bright, working lights to illuminate your pathways. That way, any objects inadvertently in the way can be avoided.

Hoveround Mobility Solutions

Aging in place is not only entirely possible, but easier than you may think! These Home Safety Solutions will give you an idea of where to start. Call us to speak to one of Hoveround's Mobility Specialists today at (800) 542-7236 to discuss the many solutions we have to help you age in place.

April 12, 2015