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Aging in Place: How Aging Couples Can Stay in Their Home

Aging in Place: How Aging Couples Can Stay in Their Home

Making the decision to move into a senior living community can be daunting: Leaving a home filled with memories, relocating to a different neighborhood, and possibly moving farther away from friends and family can be difficult. This can be even more difficult for couples. A move into an assisted living community can be heartbreaking if one person remains at home. Thankfully, Hoveround offers solutions to help keep couples living at home and aging in place longer — together.

According to calculations from the US Census Bureau, the number of Americans 65 years and older exceeded 40 million in 2010. That number is estimated to double over the next few decades, with the fastest growing population expected to be adults in their 80s. The vast majority of seniors (89%) say the ability to age in place and live independently in one's home is very important, but more than half of those surveyed (53%) are concerned with their ability to do so.

Many times, senior citizens move into assisted living communities because they have fallen in their own home and require extra care. So, by minimizing the risk of falls in seniors, the need to move out of a home filled with memories gets postponed. That way, the couple gets to stay at home — TOGETHER — and continue making even more memories!

Fall Prevention Tips with Hoveround Mobility Solutions

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? We certainly think so.

Prevent those slips in the tub or falls getting out of bed before they happen. It's best to be prepared, which is why Hoveround offers plenty of fall prevention solutions for every room of your home, including bedroom and bathroom products. Oh, and don't forget to make these simple changes to prevent falls in the home.

Aging in Place with a Hoveround Power Chair

Couples don't always need to live separately when one needs assistance!

To a vast number of older adults, "Aging in Place" means much more than just staying put. It means making a rational, well-considered and self-determined choice to live independently and safely at home for as long as possible. Research shows that living at home is far better for older and aging adults than being sent to a senior living community. Seniors who remain home report higher levels of mental, emotional and physical satisfaction.

Don't think it's time for a Hoveround yet? Think about it this way: Which would you rather pay for — a Hoveround, skilled nursing at home, or a one-night hospital stay? The median cost in the U.S. for nursing home care is over $87,000 each year. Assisted living averages about $42,000 per year. For the approximate cost of a one-night hospital stay or a few weeks of skilled nursing, a Hoveround keeps you at home, with increased mobility, while helping to reduce falls in senior citizens.

Even beyond the mobility and aging in place solutions Hoveround offers, you can step up your fall prevention efforts by getting a Hoveround power wheelchair or HoverLift stair lift to make getting around the home easier, with fewer chances of falling.

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July 1, 2019