tips to help caregivers get organized

Caregiving: 13 Tips for Getting Organized

Caregivers can learn how to minimize stress by getting organized and keeping track of everything you need for your loved one AND yourself.
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Is Your Loved One Ready for a Power Chair?

Three questions to ask to see if your loved one is ready for a power wheelchair.
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Be Prepared: First Aid and Emergency Kit Items for Seniors

Everyone should have a First Aid Kit, which contains medical supplies necessary in case of an at-home injury. Here are some first aid preparation tips.
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7 Heart-Healthy Tips for Seniors

There are plenty of things you can start doing right now to help reduce your risk of heart disease. Follow these 7 Heart-Healthy Tips for Seniors.
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Make Holidays Less Stressful

Don't let the stress of buying gifts, mailing cards and attending functions overwhelm you this holiday season.
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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Best Gifts for Seniors

This holiday gift-buying guide will make shopping easier this holiday season by giving you ideas for all the senior loved ones in your life!
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4 Simple Ways Seniors Can Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

How to keep your immune system healthy so you don't get sick this cold and flu season!
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Traveling with a Wheelchair: The Air Carrier Access Act

The law makes flying with your wheelchair to visit friends and family easier, due to provisions in the airport, when boarding the plane and when on the plane.
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How the Hoveround Call Center Works

Hoveround provides total responsibility, sophisticated call routing, virtual hold and knowledgeable staff members thanks to our leading-edge call center.