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Jacquelynn Kaminski Wrote a Poem About Hoveround

Jacquelynn Kaminski wrote a poem about her amazing Hoveround experience.
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Dr. Rodney Fowler Appreciates the Moving Sculpture that Enhanced His Life

Dr. Rodney Fowler appreciates the 'moving sculpture' that has enhanced his life.
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John Bryan and his Freedom Machine

John Bryan tells all about why he calls his Hoveround his Freedom Machine.
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Marvin Deeter Has Just One Word for Hoveround

Marvin Deeter has one word for his Hoveround - Fantastic!
Paul and Cheryl prepare to take their vows from their Hoverounds

A Hoveround Wedding for Paul & Cheryl

Paul and Cheryl's Hoverounds got them down the aisle and on to happily ever after!
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Fred Conkling Is Getting Around Again

Fred Conkling is getting around again thanks to his Hoveround.
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Ways Hoveround Makes Caregiving Easier

Use these tips to ease the burden for caregivers and help prevent falls for loved ones with mobility concerns.
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Questions to Ask When Considering Aging in Place

Prepare now to get all your ducks in a row so you can remain aging in place in your own home as you grow older -- even with limited mobility!
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30 Ways a Power Wheelchair Can Change Your Life

A power wheelchair can make a world of difference — even more than a regular manual wheelchair -- when it comes to regaining your independence. Find out how!