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5 Ways Hoveround Makes Mobility Easier

5 Ways Hoveround Makes Mobility Easier

Having a Hoveround lets you to keep your independence even when mobility becomes difficult, plus it helps with fall prevention and allows you to remain aging in place. But is that all? Not even close! A Hoveround power wheelchair does so much more — adding quality to your life. Want to learn more? Read on. We've got the scoop on all the ways Hoveround makes YOUR life easier — and better.

Here are a few ways that a Hoveround Power Chair can add quality to your life:

  1. Take a Vacation
  2. Have you wanted to go to Disney World with the grandkids, but you know there's a lot of walking involved? With a Hoveround, you can go-go-go all day long with no worries! And the buses at Disney World easily accommodate mobility vehicles!

    Or maybe you've dreamed about traveling to that certain spot, but it's hard for you to get around easily so you've put it out of your mind. Rest assured: Hoveround can take you where you want to go on vacation with your loved ones — so start planning your journey just as soon as you order your own Hoveround!

  3. Go Up and Down Stairs
  4. If you have multiple floors in your home and you're considering moving to a one-floor abode to make things easier — hold that thought! By getting a stair lift, you can more safely get up and down those stairs.

    And if the stairs leading to the front door of your home are becoming troublesome to use — especially during inclement weather or icy conditions — don't think you have to move. Remain aging in place by having a HoverGlide® outdoor stair lift installed to safely get in and out of your home.

  5. Maneuver Around Your Home

    Hoveround are specifically designed Round for a Reason®: To allow easy movement in all areas of your home. That includes hallways, corners and small rooms like bathrooms.

    And, best of all, the power control of the Hoveround power wheelchair is simple to use — and very responsive. You may be surprised at how adept you'll become at turning corners and moving through your entire home with a Hoveround. It's easy to use and you'll love getting your mobility back!

  6. Accomplish Tasks Easily
  7. Has prepping and making dinner become more hassle than it's worth because of your limited mobility? With a Hoveround, you can grab your ingredients and take them to your prep area while comfortably seated. Hoveround power wheelchairs allow you the opportunity to sit down and reduce the chance of falls while you're making yourself something to eat.

    And if cleaning your home seems daunting, imagine how it would be to be able to dust from the comfort of your Hoveround! Whether you have COPD, arthritis or other mobility issues that prevent you from standing for long periods of time (such as when cleaning), the use of a Hoveround power wheelchair can restore your mobility and allow you the freedom to stay in your home and accomplish your tasks and chores.

  8. Go Around Town
  9. There's a lot of walking involved with doing daily activities such as grocery shopping, running errands and going to doctor's appointments. Add in undesirable weather conditions like snow, rain or ice, and the thought of leaving your home may make you reconsider. But there's no need to stay in when you have a Hoveround!

    Regain even more independence with a HoverLift® vehicle lift that transports your Hoveround power chair on the back of your vehicle! you'll be able to to enjoy more time with friends and family, peruse the aisles at the grocery store and wander down the mall without worry.

    Order your Hoveround today and retain your mobility!

    Hoveround has plenty of mobility solutions to help you with fall prevention to allow you to remain aging in place. Call our mobility specialists today at (800) 542-7236 and they can help you choose the right products just for you.

July 8, 2015