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5 Benefits of a Bath Seat Lift

5 Benefits of a Bath Seat Lift

Bath lifts help to make getting in and out of the bath tub a more effortless experience for individuals with limited mobility. Additional benefits are detailed below.

Nothing beats a therapeutic soak in a tub of warm water for relaxing both body and mind. But for people with mobility challenges, an unassisted bath may be difficult to enjoy. A quality bath lift might be just the thing to make safe, independent bathing possible again.

Bath Lift Advantages and Benefits

There are several benefits to using a bath lift for bathing. A few worth noting are:

  1. Safety — Automatic safety switch prevents lift from lowering if battery power is low.
  2. Comfort — Swivel seat, padded reclining backrest, headrest and wing-back support flaps.1
  3. Independence — Lift may be operated without assistance from others for private bathing.2
  4. Hand Held ControlBath lifts — Water-proof controller adjusts the bath lift to suit the user's preference.
  5. Convenience — Easy to set up, fits all standard tubs and is 100% portable for travel.

So if bathing in comfort, privacy and safety is important to you, consider a bath lift!

This article is for informational and educational purposes only.

1Some features are optional and may only be available on the Premium Model. Call supplier for product details.

2Bath lifts designed to make independent bathing easier and safer. Individuals are advised to carefully assess their ability to operate the device independently to avoid potential injury.

April 20, 2012