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30 Ways a Power Wheelchair Can Change Your Life

30 Ways a Power Wheelchair Can Change Your Life

If you have limited mobility, you may think your manual wheelchair is good enough — or you may think you're just fine without any help just yet. But don't you want to enjoy life and have your mobility back? A power wheelchair is certainly beneficial and can change your life! Or maybe you've thought that you don't need a power wheelchair just yet because of the initial investment.

But here's the thing: You can't put a price on your mobility.

Here are 30 Ways a Power Wheelchair Can Change Your Life

  1. Doing daily activities around your home is manageable again.
  2. One of the major benefits of having a power wheelchair is fall prevention: The less you're walking around unstable, the less chance there is that you'll trip over a random object or fall because of mobility issues.
  3. No more feeling trapped.
  4. Shopping at the mall isn't as exhausting and can be fun!
  5. You can go on vacation again -- especially since it's easy to bring your power wheelchair on an airplane!
  6. Smelling the fresh blooms on a nice spring stroll.
  7. Less chance of spending the night in the hospital from a fall.
  8. And little to no need for skilled in-home nursing that may be necessary after injuries from a fall.
  9. Meeting Mickey Mouse in Disney World with the grandkids is entirely doable, at least when there are no pandemics floating around.
  10. You'll be able to go trick-or-treating with your grandchildren. Up and down driveways and walkways? No problem!
  11. An investment in a power wheelchair saves you money over paying for in-home nursing or spending a night in the hospital after a fall.
  12. Strolling around the neighborhood just because? Yes, please.
  13. Relief from COPD over walking or using a manual wheelchair.
  14. The ability to remain aging in place for much longer.
  15. Family get-togethers are easier when you don't have to depend on others for help.
  16. The Grand Canyon, obviously!
  17. Getting the mail at the end of the driveway is no longer a big deal.
  18. Enjoying professional sporting events at stadiums, since your power wheelchair makes it less exhausting to get to your accessible seats and go for snacks and souvenirs.
  19. Bird-watching at the park whenever you want.
  20. Giving hands, feet and joints suffering from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis a break.
  21. Being able to enjoy seeing the love between a new bride and groom at their wedding.
  22. Community events outdoors in the summer.
  23. Entertaining: You can have family and friends over again.
  24. The freedom to move easily from one side of your home to another, especially since Hoveround power wheelchairs are specifically designed to maneuver in tight places like hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, apartments and manufactured homes.
  25. Enjoying the Fourth of July fireworks in the park, near the water or almost any place you like.
  26. Helping to manage the effects of diabetes.
  27. Seeing your granddaughter's dance recital.
  28. Cheering at your grandson's hockey tournament.
  29. A trip to the doctor is less of a struggle.
  30. Greater chance of staying together and aging in place at home with your spouse.
  31. A Hoveround Power Wheelchair Can Change Your Life

    Using a Hoveround power wheelchair makes mobility easier and allows you to retain your independence! Give one ofr our Hoveround Mobility Specialists a call today at (800) 542-7236 to find out how you can start taking back your life.

May 30, 2016