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Power Seat Lifts & Power Chairs: Perfect Together

You can reach more things more easily, right from your power chair, with the addition of a power seat lift.
Guide dogs can help the disabled

What a Pair! Hoveround & Southeastern Guide Dogs

Service animals helping the disabled is commonplace. But Hoveround power chairs paired with a guide dog school? Now, that's news!
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Power Chair Access to Mass Transit Expands Senior Mobility

Public transportation systems are more accessible to seniors and power chair users than ever before, expanding senior mobility
power wheelchair round oxygen holder

Portable Oxygen Tank Holder Information

Wheelchair bags for portable oxygen tanks offer the ultimate in convenience and accessibility for power chair users with respiratory ailments.
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3 Useful Powerchair Accessories

Accessories to store mobility equipment such as crutches, a cane or a walker on your power chair.
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How to Charge Power Wheelchair Batteries

Charging your power chair batteries is easy and essential to continued mobility. Learn the best way to keep your Hoveround powered up and ready.
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Power Wheelchair Accessories for Enhanced Mobility

Power chair accessories to add convenience, safety and comfort to the experience of renewed mobility.
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Health Risks and Solutions for Senior Caregivers

Learn how power chairs help care giving seniors care for an aging spouse and for themselves, as well.
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Grandparenting From a Power Wheelchair

The act of grandparenting from a wheelchair (or, power wheelchair) can be rewarding for the entire family.