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Ways to Honor Veterans

Remembering and honoring those that have served our great country.
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3 Tips to Keep Seniors Safe from Fraud and Scams

The Hoveround Blog presents three tips to keep seniors safe from frauds and scams.
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Aging in Place: How a Power Wheelchair Can Keep You in Your Home

For the average cost of a 1-night hospital stay, Hoveround can keep you in your home.
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Aging in Place: How to Stay in Your Home

Help create a safer environment for aging in place with a few helpful additions by Hoveround.
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How to Talk With Your Loved One About Mobility Solutions

Introducing the idea of bringing a mobility vehicle into the home or into a loved one's life can be a challenge. Here are 4 tips to help.
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5 Ways to Bring More Gratitude Into Your Life

A positive mindset starts with being grateful. Hoveround offers 5 ways to bring more gratitude into your life when aging in place.
Frequently Asked Questions about power wheelchair repair and power wheelchair service

Power Wheelchair Repair FAQ's

A collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions about power wheelchair service and repair questions.
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4 Great Things About Wheelchair Car Lifts

Wheelchair car lifts securely store power chairs on the outside of most motor vehicles.
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Emergency Planning Tips for Power Chair Users

Disasters and emergencies can occur at any time, so to be safe, prepare now!