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Hoveround Announces the Winners of Its National Family Caregivers Giveaway

Hoveround recognized family caregivers with a special gift, acknowledging their devotion and hard work. The largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of power wheelchairs thanks all who contributed, along with those who previously shared stories at https://www.hoveround.com/about/customer-stories.

Sarasota, FL, January, 2016

As part of National Family Caregivers Month, Hoveround invited family and friends to share stories about the impact caregivers have made on their lives. From among those submissions, a select number of caregivers were given gift cards, courtesy of Hoveround.

“We asked you to tell us your caregiver story — and you did!” said Tom Kruse, the company’s founder and president. “We loved reading about how caregivers enrich your lives.”

America has celebrated National Family Caregivers Month since 1997 when then-President Bill Clinton issued the first proclamation to honor family and friends providing care for loved ones who are elderly or disabled. Hoveround wanted to recognize those dedicated caregivers in a special way.

Here are some of the inspiring stories people shared:

Donna: “My son found me and helped to save my life by calling 9-1-1. Ever since then he has been here for me, taking care of me because I can no longer walk. … I probably wouldn't be alive without him. … For that I truly love and admire him.” (Oak Park, IL)

Vincenza: “When Judy came to me, immediately I knew by her upbeat personality, we would be good for each other. Every day she arrives on time, with a smile. For someone as myself, that doesn't feel well, to have a pleasant upbeat person greet me each day makes me feel good inside. Judy does everything I need done. She is a very hardworking young woman who is raising two young boys on her own. … She is a sweet and caring person and takes very good care of this ‘old lady’ with a smile all the time!” (Clifton, NJ)

Richard: “Debby is more than a caregiver; she is my angel. She has given up her life to take care of me. She had retired from her job just six days prior to the stroke. I am a leg amputee ... She must lift me in and out of my Hoveround and to the shower, bed etc. … She is 57 years old and has given up her life for this old man. She is my angel.” (Hillsboro, IL)

Linda: “She is always on time, does more than expected every day. She cooks, cleans, bathes and dresses me, as well as changes bandages when needed. If she can bring me something from home that I can use, she does it. Without her I would be in a nursing home. …” (Romney, WV)

Gwendolyn: “My caregiver is my daughter. She gives up her time to take care of me. … I love her not because she is my daughter but because she takes such good care of me. Don't know what I would do if she didn't. It is hard for me to do housework and yard work. She takes care of all I can't do, which is a lot. She cooks great meals out of inexpensive food, and it is great. I just can't say enough about her. Thank you for the opportunity to tell about her and may God bless her always.” (Westville, FL)

Jeffrey: “My caregiver provides me with a quality way of life. She helps me to go to my appointments, bathe, and cooks for me. I would be lost without her and surely much worse off.” (Porterville, CA)

Gloria: “My caregiver is my 44-year-old son. He's so patient and has to help me with some of the most embarrassing moments I've been through without making me feel bad. And until my Hoveround came, he had to take me to the bathroom at any time of day or night without complaining or making me feel ashamed. Now I have my Hoveround; it’s helped me get back my dignity … I still depend on him for so much, but having the freedom to get around with the help of my Hoveround has made both our lives that much easier.” (Vero Beach, FL)

Hoveround thanks all those who submitted the heartfelt accounts about their caregivers. (Caregiver Winners have been notified) The company also thanks those who previously shared their stories at https://www.hoveround.com/about/customer-stories.

To learn more about how to maintain mobility and independence around the home, call 1 (800) 542-7236 or visit https://www.hoveround.com. To follow Hoveround on social media, visit Hoveround on Twitter or Hoveround on Facebook.

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