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Hoveround® Announces the Release of a New Video Detailing Its Latest Products and How They Help Change People’s Lives

For more than two decades Hoveround has made mobility its mantra, saying, “Let’s build a power wheelchair that can go anywhere someone can walk.” With its compact, Round for a Reason® design, Hoveround power chairs can navigate the tight corners and narrow spaces in your home. The company’s efforts are apparent in a newly released informational video, details of which can be found at https://www.hoveround.com/Video-Library.

Sarasota, FL—If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Hoveround’s new DVD is worth a million, if not more. The video isn’t a boring stat-filled data-dump; instead, it illustrates the company’s mission by sharing stories about real people whose lives have been transformed through the life-changing mobility offered by its products. For more information, visit https://www.hoveround.com/Video-Library.

“After viewing this video you will clearly see what Hoveround can do for you—and why more people choose Hoveround than any other power chair,” said founder and president Tom Kruse. “We’ll show you why Hoveround is the best choice for your mobility needs.”

The new video was produced by a team of 15 professionals working together over a period of six months. Production and editing were provided by ShadowBox Pictures in Yardley, PA, under the direction of veteran videographer Ken Barbet. Location shots included Sarasota, FL; Poughkeepsie, NY; and Barnegat, NJ.

“We’re excited to bring this informative DVD to our customers,” said Jim Kruse, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, adding that the video is available online as a download or via mail as a DVD. (There is no delivery charge.)

The Hoveround story started with a vision: “Let’s build a power wheelchair that can go anywhere someone can walk,” explains its founder, Tom Kruse. As a nurse, Kruse had noticed that most power chairs were really just manual wheelchairs with motors on them.

“They were big and bulky,” he said. “They didn’t maneuver well, and didn’t really provide the accommodation people needed in their home to go to the places where they used to walk.”

Kruse knew, intuitively, that if he could find a way to build a power chair that was small enough to go where people normally walk, it would change lives.

“That’s why I tell people that Hoveround was designed Round for a Reason®,” he explains.

The round design and unique wheel configuration employs a small footprint that makes Hoveround exceptionally maneuverable, a capability well-displayed in its new video. In addition to maneuverability, Hoveround power chairs are comfortable and durable—a demonstration of which is apparent in what the company calls its “torture chamber.”

“I am very proud of our reliability and safety,” Kruse said. “It all starts in our factory with our ‘torture chamber.’ We basically put the chair through the paces and simulate years of actual use.”

Here’s the company formula for success: Superior engineered products—designed for maneuverability, reliability, comfort and safety—made from quality components, painstakingly hand-assembled by a well-trained and dedicated staff.

Kruse sums it up like this: “Nobody will work harder to make sure that you can maintain your independence—and stay in your home— than the people at Hoveround.”

For more about more about America’s largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of power wheelchairs, visit https://www.hoveround.com.  For its new video, go to https://www.hoveround.com/Video-Library.

To follow Hoveround on social media, visit https://twitter.com/hoveround or Hoveround on Facebook.

About Hoveround Corporation

Hoveround Corp. is dedicated to providing the highest quality mobility solutions, such as power wheelchairs and scooters, which greatly improve the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility. It’s the largest power wheelchair manufacturer that delivers directly to the customer, and every Hoveround power wheelchair is custom assembled in the USA.

Hoveround Corporation’s full line of mobility solutions also includes vehicle lifts, stair lifts, modular and portable wheelchair ramps, motorized scooters, and accessories to help people with mobility challenges regain even more of their independence and freedom.