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Maurice and His Garden

April 08, 2013
Hoveround power wheelchairs have been helping mobility-impaired individuals to safely and independently conduct necessary activities of daily living within their homes for 25 years.

Every day, customer stories are shared with us in a variety of formats:
  • Newspaper interviews
  • Hoveround reviews
  • Customer stories and testimonials (cards, letters, poems, photos)
We’d like to share one of those customer stories with you. We hope it will inspire you just as much as it inspires all of us at Hoveround Corporation.

Maurice Renaudie: Power Chair Gardener Extraordinaire
Transitioning to life as a power wheelchair user was probably the last thing on Maurice Renaudie’s mind when he came to America from France in 1966.
But, when medical issues made personal mobility assistance a necessity, Renaudie turned a life-changing event into a moment of opportunity.

With the renewed mobility provided by his Hoveround electric wheelchair, Renaudie was able to start a home garden. The vegetable garden was so impressive, it was praised by the city's mayor in the pages of a local Medford, Massachusetts newspaper.
"I'm so happy I've got this to do," Renaudie told the Medford Daily Mercury in September 2011. "[This] is my paradise."

Renaudie, a former carpenter, used the skills of his trade to build raised garden beds that made his crops       easier to reach – all from the comfort of his power wheelchair.                       

In a letter sent to Hoveround, an appreciative Renaudie wrote: "Thanks very much for a wonderful product ... I have enclosed photos of myself and the garden I was able to plant and harvest this summer. .. I am grateful."

And, we’re grateful to you, Maurice, for your personal Hoveround review!

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Customer statements expressed herein are the views of an actual customer. Used with permission. This article is for informational purposes only.